Brey Owen founder of Digital Marketing Consultation Experts in Greater Kansas City 3 key steps to digital marketing for business by Aubrey OWen | Digital Marketing Consultants Aubrey Owen

3 Key Steps to Digital Marketing for your Business – Aubrey Owen

3 Key Steps to Digital Marketing that most Business Owners forget:

1. Online Functionality

2. Monitoring Results

3. Optimizing

Online Functionality – Many companies and CEOs spend thousands of dollars to have the perfect website designed. They look at how it appeals to the eye, making sure the graphics are just right. They spend hours and hours on the content and deciding what information to provide. At the end of the day no matter how much money you spend on a website, or how awesome the graphic designer is, if he is not thinking of how the site needs to function once the client is on it your money is wasted.

Monitoring Results – Typically a successful company has a Marketing Director that is able to focus all their time and energy on analyzing the results of their marketing strategy. If this person is not able to track the full results of the dollars spent then the efforts are a waste.

Optimizing – Even when your Marketing Director has the tools to track and measure results it does not mean they are optimizing those results. As an owner you want to make sure that when your Digital Strategy is working you go back and find out, what is working and why so that you can make it happen more and more and cut costs with what is not working. Not all Marketing Experts are able to help you optimize and at the end of the day it is your responsibility as the President, COO, CEO and Owner.