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Pre-roll video should you use for business? – Aubrey Owen

Last week there was a tremendous jump in retail revenue from the new YouTube button option. For pre-roll videos according to Google Wayfair saw 3 times the revenue with YouTube campaigns. Another example was Sephora where they had an 80% increase in brand consideration and 54% increase in ad recall. These results show the increase when a call to action is put in place. See article on call to action.

Calls to action increase revenue with video
Video pre-roll and how using calls to action increase rev

What people see when they read information like this is that they should automatically be playing in this space. What business owners don’t think about is how the other avenues of marketing are helping this digital effort. For example Wayfair has been running television ads for months.

If you look at the structure TV ads are not being seen as much due to DVR, but they still impact subliminal messages of branding. Now think about TV brands, Digital directs. From the button on the YouTube channel you instantly see the potential client directed to purchase.

Digital Directs!!!!