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Features of Online Display that a successful business needs to have – Aubrey Owen

  1. Only a handful of companies that have authorization to run ads on Facebook. – HUGE for a your business
  2. Narrow the ads to reach specific zip codes.
  3. Search re-targeting. – If someone does a search for your industry in the geographic area you decide, companies can follow them from 7-21 days  (depending on industry)
  4. Display videos. Create a video or use one you have created already.
  5. Work with a local company. Someone that can be the point person for your internet campaign.
  6. Hire one partner that has extensive artistic experience to create engaging ads to prompt a response from your potential customers.
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Some features of online display you need to have for your business…

  1. Retargeting anyone who visits your website – whether they go through search engine marketing, or choose you organically. Follow them when they visit any of the 10,000 websites in a broad base network.
  2. Creative advertising – Displaying ads to customers in the area to create brand awareness.
  3. Ads appear on ALL devices. We have MANY ad sizes to fit specific devices, or specific website parameters.
  4. Ads lead the customer straight to your website, landing page, Facebook page or video.
  5. You pick the budget. There is almost an inexhaustible ad budget for display. 15 billion ad impressions per day.