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Why is the Digital World so difficult to grasp for CEOs? – Aubrey Owen

Why is the Digital World so difficult for CEO’s to grasp?…

The number one reason why CEO’s do not understand the Digital World is because they have no interest in understanding it. If it cannot be simplified into a 3 step process we typically want nothing to do with it or do not have time for it.

CEO's don't understand Digital World Aubrey Owen
CEO’s need to understand Digital it IS going to impact future business

CEO’s need to understand the Digital world in order to prevent their business from failing in the next 5 years. According to a study done by Gartner Digital revenue will double in the next 5 years. If you get in the space without understanding you will find your business in trouble. If you do not optimize your current strategy on a regular basis it is doomed to fail.

Why Digital World is difficult for CEO's to grasp?
Gap in Digital Understanding

The companies that are optimizing will surpass those without understanding. The interesting part about the changes made to the search engines is that it will make it incredibly difficult for others to catch up. Early and even at this moment late adopters will be increasingly ahead of the curve in two years.

The second reason that CEO’s don’t get this stuff is because most web companies prefer you stay in the dark. The less you understand the more they can charge. All you really need is a company that is willing to educate you and simplify the process to help you better grasp the strategies.