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Reputation management is it important for your business? – Aubrey Owen

Reputation Management is it important for you business? It is only important to have some form of reputation management for your company if your business thrives on word of mouth. Local Listings and Reputation Management for business - Aubrey Owen   Now in the digital age people give a word of mouth recommendation and then the referral goes online to look for a reason not to hire you. A company must stay on top of reviews and what people are saying about them online. Most solid companies these days provide the ability to list your business online as well as manage their reputation. For example one of the biggest mistakes companies make is when they are a nationwide company and they don’t feel that local listings are important. Even though your target audience may be on a larger scale what corporations don’t realize is that their company looks like hundreds of different companies online until you claim your business listings. There are over 1200 different local listing sites. When a company claims those listings the search engines start to see you as one large company instead of 1200 different companies. This also helps build SEO for the company website when the listings are updated and linked properly.

By Aubrey Owen