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What are the benefits to integrated B2B digital strategies…Aubrey Owen

Benefits to integrated B2B digital markerning strategies.

B2B Strategy Benefits when they are integrated:

– Cohesive strategy across all online platforms

– Minimization of search engine confusion

– Ease of Optimization

– Track ability of results

Using an integrated digital strategy that is B2B focused helps promote one cohesive message across all online sectors and search engines. When the message is consistent it is easier to log and categorize your information to be served up when your clients are searching.

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When integrating all efforts you help minimize confusion by the search engines as to who your target audience is, what you do and services you provide, as well as what you are an expert at as a business.

Integrating online marketing strategy and efforts helps make optimizing much more simple. Think about it from a time stand point. You work with one company that manages all online aspects under one roof and you in turn only make one phone call to change strategy. If what you are doing is working you have the ability to go over the results with one person and determine where you want to push harder to hit the next level. Your Marketing Director will not need to talk to 10 different people to make sure they are all on the same page. Take changing or increasing strategy from an hour conversation with 7 different people to a 1 hour conversation with your campain manager and she does all the calls and meetings and follow ups to transition.

Integrategrating Digital Approach for B2B strategy - Aubrey Owen

When your B2B digital strategy is completely integrated it is incredibly easy to track results and see clearly where the revenue has increased from specific efforts. Just don’t forget as a business Owner or CEO it is your responsibility to use the positive results to follow up and make it work more and remove wasted efforts that are not producing results so that you can move that money to increase what is providing the increase in profitability.

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