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What are the 3 Key Components to website design – Aubrey Owen

What are the 3 key components to website functionality?

1) Where you work!

2) What you do!

3) How to get in touch with you!

3 key parts of Web design to function - Aubrey Owen

  • Where you work…let’s get this straight.  Yes it is important to have your address and locations listed on the bottom of the home page.

Here is the real deal – nation average has increased to 7 seconds someone will be on your site before clicking the back button. (2 years ago it was 15 seconds source google) Think about that 7 seconds!  That means type A personalities like me, Aubrey Owen, driven, motivated, hungry, and hopeful. You get more like 3 seconds for them to find the info they need before they are clicking back and on to the next one. Don’t have time for this. If they can’t tell if you can help me living in Olathe, KS without clicking anywhere or scrolling anywhere you have lost me.

  • What you do…most sites have this covered, but if you don’t you will waist time talking to people that don’t need your services.
  • Finally, how to get in touch with them.  If someone is going to do business with you they need to be assured they can reach you for help.

If your website has these 3 key components of Web design and structure then function is an easy adjustment. No money should be wasted on marketing your website if it isn’t going allow people to do what they need to once they get to their online business.

Without these 3 pieces to the puzzle it is like having a storefront with the doors locked at all times.

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