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What are Digital Marketing Consultants truly missing when it comes to helping businesses large or small?

What are Digital Marketing Consultants truly missing when it comes to helping businesses large or small?

What you must have in a Digital Marketing Consultant Aubrey Owen
Digital Marketing Consultants are missing business sense

Top 4 check points when choosing your Digital Marketing Consultant:

1) Business sense

2) Knowledge on ALL Online aspects

3) Experience in implementing online strategies for businesses both local and national corporations

4) Complete transparency

Marketing Consultant with Business Sense- The only way that your Consultant will be able to help your business is to be able to see the mistakes you are currently making in the day to day functions.

Knowledgeable on all online aspects- In order for your adviser/consultant to be able to help you implement a solid digital strategy, they must be able to tell you what not to do. If you have a conversation with someone and they tell you everything you should be doing, but don’t begin to advise you on what not to do you need to run for the hills.

Experience implementing digital strategies for business- If they have not developed strategies before and only specialize in one or two online aspects like SEO, or Social Media Marketing, then they will miss key components your business needs.

Complete transparency with tracking- Anyone you choose to manage your online presence must be willing to provide complete transparency. If you cannot track what your marketing is doing this day and age then you are throwing your money away. A great consultant will not only advise you on what will work for your business, but they will take the extra steps to track the results on a consistent basis in order to optimize what is working and get rid of what is not.

Thai Lee was recently voted Most Modest Female CEO by Forbes because of how successful her marketing firm is currently. Part of that success is attributed to her work ethic, accessibility to her clients, and the fact that she still answers the phones herself as well as not having a secretary blocking people at the front door. Inspiring to say the least.

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