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Algorithm updates to the search engines links and information for Marketing Strategists / Directors

Yes, as a business owner it is difficult to keep up with the changes that have been made to the search engines. That is why you have a marketing person or a Digital Strategist. The links below are what you need to give to the person in charge of your marketing. As a business owner and operator it is beneficial for you to understand these changes. Have that person research these links and the information provided and then give you a synopsis of what they learned.

Take notes when they go over the info and then search what they give you and give them those articles and links to review. It will take you two minutes as an owner to grab the info and it will keep your marketing person up to speed with the changes so that you are not wasting efforts or marketing money on strategies that will hurt your website ranking.

Google: Algorithm Updates – Search Engine Land: Click Logo

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Google Algorithm Change History-Moz: click logo

Aubrey Owen Search Engine Changes history updates
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