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The losses caused by the lack of knowledge in the digital space is terrifying…

The losses caused by the lack of knowledge in the digital space is terrifying…

Digital Sherpa is a prime example of a company that was amazingly doing it right, the company was owned and run by people who originated in the Print Industry. The Digital Industry is sometimes mind blowing how fast paced and difficult it is to keep up with. Recently Apartment Finder was purchased by CoStar, a huge asset #4 apartment listing company nationwide, but they didn’t realize the jewel they received along with it.


Digital Sherpa in its first year of truly having a sales team (3 sales reps and the VP of Sales) went from $100,000 a year company to $1.6 m. The fact that a company can hit those numbers in the first year is astounding enough.

The digital space is the fastest growing business opportunity in the world right now, and some of the smartest investors drop major assets everyday with tons of potential because they don’t have the time to learn the specifics of digital.

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Digital Sherpa was the first consulting company to approach the business space with a strong educational concept. The organic traffic and presence online for the DS website alone was worth a fat check. They just weren’t able to figure out how to make it scale-able or target a higher end client base.

If you or your company had services that were provided by Digital Sherpa and need help or just want a free consultation I recommend contacting Smart Reach Digital. They are a nationwide company. They use one Campaign manager that manages all online aspects of marketing for a company. It typically takes a strategy change  5.5 hours to even begin: 1 hour conversation with web guy, 1 hr for SEO guy, 1 hr for PPC guy, 1 hr for social media guy, 1 hour for Marketing Director to go over new strategy with you, and don’t forget 30 min for local listing and reputation management company.  With Smart Reach Digital you have 1 hour conversation with Campaign Manager and Marketing Strategist (MC) and you are good to go the Campaign Manager handles it from there.

As a business owner you owe it to yourself to educate yourself and marketing staff on the changes that were made to the search engines. It will have a major impact on your company’s future.