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Find a marketing expert with business knowledge and ability to develop a complete digital strategy for your company… Aubrey Owen

Aubrey Owen Integrated Digital MarketingTo find a marketing expert with business knowledge and ability to develop a complete digital strategy for a company you need to choose a Marketing Director that has worked with, for, studied under an MBA if they do not have one already, or are working towards an MBA themselves.

Digital marketing procedures can change which makes it sometimes hard to keep up with the online marketing trends in business.  For example, when Google decided not to promote websites that don’t have a mobile version available, they no longer rank in the organic search results when someone searches from a mobile phone.  Mobile searches literally surpassed desktop search for the first time in 2014.  If an online marketing specialist was not aware of this change it may have eliminated many customers who are seeking services or products from their mobile phones.  Digital Marketing Consultants understand this and work hard to keep up with the latest techniques and current online marketing news in order to consult business’ nationwide with optimal results.

Advertising is the most important aspect for any business since customers will not find your business if they do not know you exist.  Digital marketing consultants who understand the fundamentals of running a business know that printed phonebooks, printed directories, printed newspaper ads, and television ads are no longer the way to reach potential customers.  The internet has transformed the way business owners advertise their services or products.  It serves as a nationwide directory.  Digital marketing specialists who understand business operations will know each business has a budget for advertising.  Business owners expect that they get the best value for their advertising dollar.  That is why it is important we at Digital Marketing Consultants only help develop strategies for a company where we know our techniques will produce results.  There is nothing worse for a business than spending the entire advertising budget only to realize that advertising efforts made from an online marketing specialist were not successful.  One way to find out as to whether or not certain places to advertise online are working out boils down to a simple question you can ask your customers: “How did you find us?”

Digital Marketing Consultants know that it is also important to have a cohesive online strategy that involves a detailed content marketing plan.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) are all very important to your success in the digital world.  Your business can still receive services from Digital Marketing Consultants even if you do not live in Kansas City since consultations and marketing services can be delivered nationwide.  Digital marketing will continue to dominate the advertising world in the future.  Now is the time to build a strong business relationship with consultants from Digital Marketing Consultants so you and your business can be prepared to have an ongoing presence on the internet.

By – Aubrey Owen