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Display Advertising should be used strategically to produce the best results with all 6 types of Display by Aubrey Owen

Display Advertising marketing consultants know a business will increase their profits if their display targeting includes geo targeting, geo fencing, site re-targeting, behavioral, demographic and contextual components in their display targeting strategy.

All six types of targeting for Display…

Fencing: Geo Fencing is exactly what it sounds like putting a fence up around specific locations or areas in order to follow those people with your specific offer. Click here for more info

GEO Fencing Display Ads - Aubrey Owen
Geo Fencing target areas for business offers

Geo: Geo targeting display advertising is focusing on the location that will be targeted for example we want to sell to people that live in Kansas City. This gets them into your funnel.

Geo targeting Display ads - Aubrey Owen
Specific Geographic area your clients are located in.

Behavioral: What behaviors people have online and how they help you determine if they are your target customer. (if they listen to 98.9 The Rock, they like rock music, and like loud music target for guitar company, speaker company, motorcycle company)

Behavioral Targeting with Display - Aubrey Owen
How you can target specific types of people

Demo: The ability to target people based on their age, male/female, income, home owner, political views, etc. Click here for more information about demo targeting.

Demographic Targeting or Demo Targeting specific audience - Aubrey Owen
Ability to target one specific Demo like Women age 25-55 that graduated and own homes

Contextual: Contextual targeting is when you play off of the context in which they are searching.

Contextual targeting Display ads - Aubrey Owen
Contextual targeting words that capture audience based on sight, smell, taste, feel, etc.

Site Retargeting: Site retargeting is when someone comes to your site, but they don’t contact you or don’t purchase you can follow them around for 30 days to get them back to your site to make an online conversion (purchase/provide contact info).

Retargeting for display ads Aubrey owen consulting

Using all six components in a geo marketing plan will help to increase profits and increase traffic. The more details your ad campaign includes, the more it will reach the right kind of customer who is wanting your type of service or product. This display ad technology can be an alternative to PPC (pay per click advertising) and SEM (search engine marketing) or in addition to these digital marketing techniques. You will always want to use a website tracking system in order to see what customers have clicked on while visiting your website. This will help determine what information, service or products are successful and what content may need to be revised. Geo fencing will also help increase PPC performance since customers may recall seeing a certain display ad on a previous day and recognize a business while they are using a search engine.

by Aubrey Owen