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Display what is the difference between Geo Targeting vs Geo Fencing? by Aubrey Owen

Geo Targeting vs Geo Fencing?

Geo:  Determining different geo visitors to your site and sending them different message based on their location, ipaddress, country, state, zip code, city, etc. Geo targeting display advertising is more effective with the use of demographic targeting for physical or ecommerce stores and any other type of website.  What geographic location will be targeted? Being able to pinpoint customers in your area will bring in local customers.  You do not want your local business to be advertising to customers located in another city.  This pulls more people into your funnel.

Geo targeting Display ads - Aubrey Owen
Specific Geographic area your clients are located in.


Fencing: Fencing: Fencing is exactly what it sounds like putting a fence up around specific locations or areas in order to follow those people with your specific offer. Click here for more info

Geo Targeting Display Ads - Aubrey Owen
You can target different areas for your products

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