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Geo Fencing for Display advertising and what it is…by Aubrey Owen

Fencing: Geo Fencing is exactly what it sounds like; you put a fence up around a specific location digitally in order to target mobile phone users within a certain area. The best part is that you can fence multiple competitor’s locations at the same time with your display ads.

Geo Fencing Display Ads - Aubrey Owen
Geo Fencing how to offer specifics specials to people in different locations

Geo fencing is a strong resource if you are targeting a specific clientele. For example a law firm might want to fence a police station to gain potential clients. If that law firm wants to focus only on DUI cases and Car Accident Injury cases then they would fence the jail for DUI potential clients, and fence the hospital near by for accident clients.


geo fence new offer near you in ap ads - Aubrey Owen marketing consultant

You can also use it in strategy when competing in specific territories. For example if you know Chipolte is running a specific offer across the street for a free drink, then you can run an ad that shows you are giving away free desert that has a value of $4. This shows the customer they are getting more from you than your competitor is willing to provide.

This is different from GEO Targeting see why- Click here

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