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SEO with SEM and how it works… by Aubrey Owen

SEO and SEM are important techniques to help your website appear in organic search results.  Your website will appear in organic search results much faster if both your SEO and SEM keywords are the same.  The more cohesive your marketing plan is, the more your website is able to target customers or other businesses (B2B) who are searching for your specific product or service.  Aubrey Owen is a digital marketing consultant who can help you improve your website content and advertisements to include such important aspects.

SEM with SEO and how it works Aubrey Owen

SEO content must consist of keywords so search engines pick up on websites to help searchers find exactly what they are looking for.  For example, if a dog owner is searching for organic dog food, you will want to make sure your content includes the keywords “organic dog food”.  Having the words “dog food” may not be specific enough to be searchable to those seeking organic dog food.  PPC advertising is a great SEM tool that can be used to create display ads to target desired customers.  Make sure to create your ads as specific as possible using keywords to target customers who would be interested in your product or service.  For example, you would also want to include the keywords “organic dog food” to attract those seeking such a product as opposed to an ad that just states your website is selling “pet food”.  Search engine users rarely browse to the second page, so your goal will be to appear on page one of the organic search results.  That’s why it is important that your SEM advertisement is very specific. Think of SEO as the engine that runs the train and SEM as the coal the gives the engine that added boost of energy to get the train over the hill.

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Your free consultation is the first step in developing or optimizing current online marketing strategies.  It is important to know about changes to search engines.  For example, Google changes their search result algorithm up to six hundred times a year.  Changes to your website must align with such changes to maintain your ranking or to increase your ranking in the organic search results.  Many changes are minor so will not impact your website too much, if at all.  However, major changes could have a significant impact on your search engine ranking.  The more people are able to find your website in search engines, the more conversions your website will receive.  People may not make a purchase on their first visit, however, if your website has made a positive impact on the person they will be a regular visitor which increases the potential for future conversions.

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