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Display Marketing comes back to life…by Aubrey Owen

Display Marketing Comes Back to Life


When it comes to finding a way to reach potential customers by online optimizing, the times are continually changing. By now, nearly every company realizes that they need to take some form of SEO driven content in consideration to boost traffic to their website. But once those potential customers are there, what is the b2c marketing strategy that will truly increase conversions on a website?

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How Display Marketing Made Us Blind


Once upon a time, companies thought it might be a great idea to run banners on websites. Website owners were happy with the extra income generated and businesses were on the ups in terms of everything their digital strategist had suggested. Unfortunately, consumers began to develop a certain blindness to display marketing. Where banners were once seen as great online optimizing by businesses, they soon learned they were not gaining any attention.


In some scenarios, attention gained through display marketing turned out to be counter-productive as consumers started questioning whether or not to even trust a product or company. After all, how could such a respectable company with down-to-earth values ever stoop so low as to run an ad that pops up all over the place?


Trying On Display Marketing Again?

The good news for businesses is that many a digital strategist has come to the conclusion that new waves are being made in the field of display marketing especially with Geo Fencing and Keyword Contextual targeting. Once again businesses can look to improving their b2c marketing strategy, as well as their online marketing strategy by simply re-examining the way that display marketing is approached. Instead of running simple banners to increase conversions on website leads, businesses should now approach display marketing with something in it for the consumer.

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Go for the Give Away for Online Optimizing

There are all sorts of different ways to use the pop-up along with other calls-to-action that can include some form of display marketing. People like the idea of receiving something for free. B2C marketing strategy has relied on this forever. Give the consumer a sample and they will come back for more. Using this same sort of concept, every digital strategist, will tell you to take full advantage of offering an easy giveaway.

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How You Can Combine SEO with New Display Marketing


One of the best things you can affordably give away is eBooks. Combine SEO trends to determine exactly what your customers are searching for. Once you have a handle on this, you can look for a content writer to help you with the eBook. Now when you have a display pop-up for the new visitor to their site the potential for conversion is even greater. Not only does the consumer get something extra out of their visit to your site for free, they also get the experience of spending more time exposed to your brand. This is the sort of stuff that is bringing display marketing back because now instead of being ignored they are increasing conversions.

by Aubrey Owen – Digital Strategist