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No matter what kind of business you need an in-house marketing expert…Aubrey Owen

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In order to have things run smoothly there needs to be a liaison between the person who sells you the service and the team that actually performs the service. This is known typically the campaign manager.

Even a campaign manager handling many different accounts can sometimes let things slip thru the cracks. If you have an in-house campaign manager that can stay on top of the main point of contact between all the different vendors and people that are implementing the work then you will have a much higher performing campaign.

Most business owners see marketing as a waste of money, but an informed business owner will see that it is a critical investment in their business managing the aspects that they don’t have time to deal with.

Next time you budget for your annual marketing strategy you should establish what 10% of your annual gross income is and then take 7% towards actual campaigns like PPC, SEO, and Social Media Optimization. After that you should take the other 3% of your annual gross income and invest in a really good marketing strategist that you can have on staff in the building seeing the business day to day.

This is how a solid strategy will be taken to the next level.

By Brey Owen