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Grow your business with the right online marketing company – Aubrey Owen

Grow your business with the right online marketing company – Aubrey Owen

Whether your business relies entirely online, there is a physical existence on every main street across the country, or just a single location, there is obviously something that an online marketing firm could do to help you.

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Different businesses have different objectives with their websites. Products are sold online by some, via what is called an ecommerce site. Others give details about their services, without selling them using what’s called a catalogue website or just show their products. Non-profit companies, charities, clubs and other organizations may also reap the benefits of assistance from a web marketing service.

The beauty of using a digital marketing firm instead of attempting to get your online strategy handled in house is you never have to buy expensive training or recruiting that you just tap into an abundance of expertise when it comes to web design and web marketing. In a nutshell, a digital marketing business could be adaptable to acclimate your requirements.

Online marketing firms fall to the class of complete service agencies. What this means is they do more than on-going promotion. In addition they design and develop websites should you have a need for a good looking functional website.

Take a quick look at several marketing methods that have stood the test of time:

Pay-per-click marketing

Using software like Yahoo Search Marketing or Google AdWords, it is possible to advertise your website on the main search engines, and just pay when someone visits your site. This is often tremendously successful marketing when using keywords that are closely associated with your where you work, what you do, and the services or products you are trying to push. SEM or PPC is more of a short term strategy.

Search engine optimization

You will get free traffic from Google, Yahoo!, MSN, among others by optimizing your website for the major search engines. Not just in theory, but in reality, it costs some cash to get great positions on the top search engines and lots of time. You can begin and with the right SEO expert they will optimize keywords for you as you start coming up on page one for specific terms. Keep in mind SEO is a long term online marketing strategy.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the next most powerful approach to advertising (behind search engines). Among the important keys with email marketing is the e-mail list. The easiest way to get a good e-mail list that is your target market would be to construct it yourself – sponsor a giveaway, or offer a newsletter in your website, and require users to sign up for the newsletter.

Combining two of the three strategies helps get leads into your pipeline. If you use a short term strategy to launch the business having a long term strategy underlying that is constantly training the search engines to know you are the experts in your industry will ensure when you stop PPC or short term efforts you are still going to see organic business coming in after you stop using PPC. An overall strategy should always include addressing short term business goals as well as the overall goal for the year. Any questions about your current strategy please reach out to Aubrey Owen – Digital Strategist for SmartReach Digital.

By Aubrey Owen