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If you do a search on the web, it seems that there is no shortage of people claiming to be an internet marketing expert. The trouble is that anyone can put up a good looking website and talk the talk. But can they actually provide the service they are claiming? Or are their claims smoke and mirrors?

How to avoid smoke n mirrors in marketing Aubrey Owen Kansas City

You can start to narrow down your search for an internet marketing expert by checking out any claims made on site. This sounds good in theory but when you start to try it in practice, things don’t look as easy.

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Most clients don’t appreciate their names or search terms being splattered all over the internet for their competitors to find. So if there are any search results shown on the site, chances are that they will be grayed out in the name of client confidentiality. Which is actually a good sign? You wouldn’t want someone else in your line of business to be able to jump start the long process of getting a good search engine ranking just by checking out your SEO company’s website.

The next issue to consider is how good your proposed internet marketing experts are at getting you found on the web for competitive search terms. These shouldn’t be one or two-word phrases – these rarely make any money as the searches are too vague – but should definitely show “commercial intent”. This means that there should be plenty of sponsored advertisements showing up for the search, proving that other people are prepared to pay money to be in the search results and meaning that you should see a decent return on your investment.

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A good internet marketing expert will help you to drill down and find these profitable search terms – it’s called keyword research. That said, your potential SEO expert should also counsel you that these figures aren’t totally accurate. They’re Google’s best guess and are subject to some quite large fluctuations when you begin to get ranked in real life. Your chosen expert should also warn you that Google is getting cuter at encouraging people to click the sponsored ads (it’s how they pay for all those nice freebies we all love and use), so the figures they display are almost certainly overestimates for regular, organic, search results. If your proposed SEO expert doesn’t warn you about this, you need to think about what else they’re not telling you.

The next thing you should be looking for is realistic estimates. The only way most people can get to the front page of Google for anything vaguely competitive is to pay to appear in the sponsored results. If your SEO expert tells you that they can get you to the front page of the non-paid results in record time (meaning a few days or even a few weeks) then there’s almost certainly something wrong unless your site is in the news and even then that’s probably for the wrong reasons.

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So use caution when you’re looking for an internet marketing expert. Meet them – face to face is best but the phone can also work well – and make sure that you get a good feeling about them. You’re in this for the long term so don’t treat it as a snap decision!

This article is thanks to your own internet marketing expert and founder Brey Owen!