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Penguin 4.0 impact and what your digital team doesn’t know…by Brey Owen

Penguin 4.0 impact and what your digital team doesn’t know…

Yes most of the experts in this industry understand that the biggest impact that Penguin 4.0 has is that the update was changed to be part of the core algorithms of Google. It is not rocket science we all know that Google has been punishing black hat strategies for years now. (Since 2012 to be exact)

The part that baffles me is how clueless people that are considered experts in this field are to the impact it has overall now for a marketing strategy. For example if you were not aware PPC and SEO impact each other now. Many experts in the industry of PPC or SEM would argue this statement. If they do then they too have missed the boat.

When google removed the ad space on the right hand column they did in with the complete intention to simplify and track conversions and increase conversion rates. (see Google’s explanation by clicking on the intention to simplify and track link)

Google initiated removing and testing the removal of the side ad space back in Feb on the 22nd in 2016, but the full scale impact was not until recent. Ads are weighted heavily (70%) on quality score. This means that the ads quality is impacted by how well you score for a specific keyword for your website.

If you got hit by the penguin algorithm 4.0 update it is likely that it also impacted your PPC campaign in some way. The fact the marketing professionals or experts do not understand the correlation or the relevance of how the two might be impacting each other is profound.

If you are working with someone that is doing SEO for you and they are not asking to speak with your PPC team and know which words they focus on then you need to hire a new team.

If you are working with a PPC team that has no idea that SEO can help or hurt their campaign then I suggest you hire a new team. Wake up people Google has been trying to tell us since 2012 that if you do things the right way we will reward you for it and if you don’t you will be punished. Now the punishment is real time.

Get Google adwords best practices rule book and learn what they are ultimately trying to do. At the end of the day they want to get rid of scams and serve up more relevant information in order to stay the number one search engine…even if that means they lose google adwords dollars along the way.

For more information see…google adwords best practices

by Brey Owen

Founder of DMCExperts