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Don’t dwell in your failures…

Forget about your failures when it comes to business brey owen

Don’t dwell in your failures or continuously relive them…learn from them and keep moving forward! In sales some of the best consultants have the mindset that each no gets them closer to the yes. The really good ones know their averages and can tell you it takes me 87 no’s to get to the YES! They don’t look at the no as a failure they look at the no as one stepping stone closer to the yes.

In business one must function the same way. Each failure is one step closer to the ultimate success. Each failure is a lesson learned and adds an arrow to your quiver. When you finally get put in front of the right target you will hit the bulls-eye because you will have enough arrows in your quiver and will have had enough practice.

Do not let a disappointment stand in the way of your success! As Drew Houston said, “You only have to be right once.” Make every moment count because you never know when the practice shot will be the one that sets you on track. Keep persevering and pressing forward success is in your sights!

dont dwell in your failures in business brey owen digital marketing consultation expert