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What makes a Digital Expert?

How can you tell if your Internet Market Consultant knows what they are doing or not?

#1 Answer ~ they must know a lot about keywords-

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People say that if they are a digital expert they need to know a lot about keywords, but anyone can lookup keywords that are searched often in your market by looking at Google keyword tools.

The problem with this is that Google Keyword Tools doesn’t tell you what your specific target audience is looking up. Google doesn’t do a deep dive analysis on your company, this year’s/quarter’s/month’s goals set, overall objective of your online strategy, sales team’s conversion rate, or what your competition is doing currently online.

All of these things are what your Digital Expert should know about your company, organization, or firm before they can make a recommendation about what keywords you should be paying for or focusing on.

#2 Answer~  do they know Google Analytics?

Google Analytics Explanation by DMCExperts Aubrey OWEN

Google Analytics:

Google Analytics are a huge component of understanding what is happening with your online storefront. If you cannot understand what your online strategy is doing for your business on the web, then you should not be paying to market your company online.

Your digital expert should be able to help you understand how your online traffic correlates to online sales. If they can’t show you a direct correlation to how your traffic has helped increase business then you need a new digital strategist!

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